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Fast Payment Processing with Comprehensive Card Acceptance

The Card Association Payment Gateway offers swift payment processing, enabling merchants to securely and conveniently accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. With a virtual terminal accessible from any browser with an internet connection, merchants can effortlessly swipe cards, key-in transactions, or process checks from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.NMI

Recurring Billing for Automated Payments

Simplify billing processes with The Card Association Payment Gateway’s recurring billing feature. By setting up recurring payments, merchants can save time and effort by automating the process of charging customers at specified dates, amounts, and frequencies. This key feature comes at no extra cost, providing added convenience and efficiency for businesses.

The Card Association

Detailed Reporting for Comprehensive Insights

Gain valuable insights into transaction data with the detailed reporting capabilities of The Card Association Payment Gateway. From standard transaction reports to customizable fields, merchants can access comprehensive data tailored to their specific needs. Utilize the transaction search function to easily locate and analyze transactions, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.The Card Association

Proprietary Shopping Cart Integration for Seamless Transactions

Seamlessly connect customers to The Card Association Payment Gateway using the Free Proprietary Shopping Cart provided. With an intuitive button-building tool integrated into the gateway, merchants can effortlessly create shopping cart coding without requiring expertise in HTML. Alternatively, merchants can integrate with almost any third-party shopping cart while enjoying the benefits and support of The Card Association Payment Gateway.

The Card Association