The Card Association iProcess (Mobile)

iProcess Mobile Setup

Mobile Payment Acceptance

The iProcess app allows businesses to accept credit card payments using their smartphones or tablets, providing flexibility and convenience for on-the-go transactions.
The Card Association

Secure Transaction Processing

With built-in security features and encryption technology, the app ensures that payment data is protected during the transaction process, helping to safeguard sensitive customer information.

The Card Association

Customizable Receipts

Businesses can customize receipts with their logo, branding, and contact information, providing a professional and personalized touch to customer transactions.
The Card Association

Reporting and Analytics

The app offers reporting and analytics tools that allow businesses to track sales, monitor transaction history, and gain insights into customer behavior, helping them make informed decisions about their business operations.

The Card Association

Offline Mode

In situations where internet connectivity is limited, the app offers an offline mode, allowing businesses to process transactions and store payment data until a connection is restored.

The Card Association

Integration with NMI Gateway

As part of the NMI ecosystem, the iProcess app seamlessly integrates with the NMI Gateway, providing access to additional features such as recurring billing, tokenization, and advanced fraud protection.
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